Personal Links

1.    Job-Related On-line Accesses

o   Personal Website, University of Surrey

o   Surrey Learn

o   Bid form

o   Teaching Paperwork

o   Online Drawing Tool

o   Je-S

o   NSFC

o   GECCO Login

o   My time table

o   SITS

o   Virtual Desktop

  1. Journal Submission Systems

Early access

3.    SCI and SCI-E

o   SCI Journals

4.    Patents

o   The European Patent Office

o   Patent Offices Around the World

5.    Search Tools

o   Google or Google International
Google Scholar
Google books

o   Yahoo!

o   Amazon USA and Amazon Germany

6.    Mailing Lists

o   Fuzzy mailing list

o   GA Mailing List and Send the list an email

o   E-LETTER on Systems, Control, and Signal Processing

o   COLT Mailing List Archive

o   The Connectionists Mailing List

  1. Softwares

  1. Useful Information

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