On-line Communications in Soft Computing

Call for Submissions

The On-line COmmunications in Soft COmputing(OCOSCO) is calling for submissions of technical papers in all fields of soft computing. The purpose of the OCOSCO is to accelerate and facilitate the exchange of the most up-to-date research results in soft computing. The papers will be posted on-line on the Soft Computing Home Page(http://www.soft-computing.de) for tentatively every three months(pending final decision). The contents of the newest issue will be announced through the main mailing listing in the soft computing community.

The following manuscripts are solicited:

  • Extended abstract of Master/Ph.D. Theses
  • Unpublished manuscripts
  • Extended abstract of Internal/Technical Reports
  • Extended abstract of significant application examples
  • Extended abstract of published papers
  • Manuscript must be written in English. The appropriate length of the paper is 2-4 pages, with a minimal of two papges and a maximal of six pages. Submissions should be in electronic form, including Postscript, PDF and Word documents. The size of the file should not larger than 500 KB.

    Please send all submissions to OCOSCO, the Soft Computing Home Page.

    IMPORTANT: It is the responsibility of the authors to get a permission of posting the paper on-line on OCOSCO if the submitted paper has been published and copyrighted. Neither the OCOSCO nor the Soft Computing Home Page owner will assume any responsibilities for copyright disputes.

    Last update in June, 2000. For enquiries, please contact OCOSCO, the Soft Computing Home Page.