Probabilistic Reasoning

The Problem

Proposed Solutions

                   Probabilistic Reasoning

        Single Number Estimates             Belief Interval

   Fuzzy Logic    Bayesian  
                             Certainty Factors
                                        Dempster-Shafer Theory

      Odds Propagation  Bayesian Networks

Probabilistic Reasoning in AI Textbooks

        Giarratano & Riley:   149 pages out of 630 pages
        Ginsberg:              23 pages out of 405 pages
        Luger & Stubblefield:   8 pages out of 704 pages
        Nillson:                0 pages out of 427 pages
        Patterson:             25 pages out of 431 pages
        Rich & Knight:         19 pages out of 582 pages
        Shoham:                34 pages out of 315 pages
        Tanimoto:              39 pages out of 562 pages
        Winston:                0 pages out of 691 pages


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